Monday, November 12, 2012

Florence Eleanora Campbell Matthews 1926-2011

With the Anniversary of Grandma Matthews passing, I would like to put some other photos on that I have been finding.

Florence Matthews and Dee Ann Matthews O'Brien 1985
Grandpa Matthews was always sending Grandma Flowers so wonderful.

Grandpa Matthews wrote on this Photo Beauty and the Beast ?Which? They were always teasing each other.

Florence Eleanora Wesbecker Campbell, Jeanne Matthews Hunt, Tonia Hunt, Florence Eleanora Campbell Matthews at the Matthews home in 1971

Florence Matthews holding Tonia Hunt 1971

Up till the very end I was trying to get her smile and she did smile for me this day.  I can not believe that it has almost been a year that she has been gone.  I do miss her very much.
Love Ya, Grandma

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Random Photos that I wanted to share of Darrell and Florence Campbell Matthews

Darrell and Florence Campbell Matthews, Jeanne and DeeAnn Matthews. I think that Grandma Matthews really looks like Sally Hunt Fox in this one.
Darrell and Florence Campbell Matthews

I don't know if you can make this one bigger but the arrow points to Darrell and Florence Campbells Matthews.

Florence E. Campbell and Wiley M. Campbell

Florence Wesbecker Campbell and Florence Campbell leaving to go on a train trip.

Florence E. Campbell on the left with a friend

Florence E. Campbell leaving on a trip with Florence E. Wesbecker Campbell and father George R. Campbell
I found their family railroad passes when I was going through stuff that they would use when the road the train.  It was also in a train book that had information on the rules and places to stay.  It was really fun to find treasures like this.  George Robert Campbell work for the Railroad as a Brake Man. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Florence Eleanora Campbell Matthews Part 4

This is one of those Photos that are not in the right place but I wanted to add it anyway.
Here is a Photo that Jeanne Matthews Hunt said was when they went back with Grandma Florence Campbell Matthews to visit family.  I am not sure of all of the people but Jeanne said that Jeanne Matthews and Dee Ann Matthews are the little girls in the front and Grandma Florence Matthews is the one standing with the glasses right in the middle of them.

Florence Matthews Passport Photo when they went to Bolivia.
I thought this one was really cute with Grandma resting with a kitty. I am not sure it I have some of the photos in order but I am trying my best.

Florence W. Campbell, Florence C. Matthews, Jeanne Matthews, Drew Matthews in front, Dee Ann Matthews, and Darrell Matthews this was like the only time they were all together for a photo that I could find.
Florence C. Matthews and Dee Ann Matthews by the fire place.  I really like this one because I have the butterfly lamp that is on the T.V. in our house now and it still works.  It is so fun to see photos of things that we still have today.

Florence Matthews in an India Sari from a USU Student. In the back ground again you can see the old record player and the picture on the wall of the ballerina that is still in Grandmas living room at the house.  Also the little chair in the front of the photo on the left hand side we use to play with that as kids and Mom still has it.
Darrell Matthews, Florence C. Matthews, and Drew Matthews on the rock out back of their house in Cedar City at 305 S. 1100 W. This one is really fun how you can see the church but the house and tree is not behind them yet.
This is really fun to see how the area around Grandpa and Grandma’s house looked and how much grass, trees and road really make a difference when it is all done.

This is a side view of Darrell and Florence Matthews home at 305 S. 1100 W. in Cedar City, Utah.  This is before the shed, the grass, the road and many trees were even put in.   You have got to love the old bug car in the front and the other old cars. The rock on the side of the house looks really big without the trees that are around it now. Even the house next door is not there. Jeanne Matthews said that the house was built around 1969-1970. So it is just one year older than me. I don’t know if that is good or bad.

Dee Ann Matthews, Jeanne Hunt Matthews, Dale W. Hunt, Allen Hunt, Augusta Hunt, Ray Hunt, Florence C. Matthews, Darrell H. Matthews, and Drew Matthews. 
July 17,1970

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Florence Eleanora Campbell Matthews Part 3

Dee Ann Matthews and Jeanne Matthews playing in the grass

Dee Ann Matthews & Jeanne Matthews

Dee Ann Matthews & Jeanne Matthews

Dee Ann Matthews & Jeanne Matthews
Darrell Matthews, holding Jeanne Matthews Florence Matthews with Dee Ann Matthews
What a wonderful family photo.

Darrell Hymas Matthews, Florence Campbell Matthews behind him, Dee Ann Matthews on the left and Jeanne Matthews on the right.

In Grandmas paper that she wrote about herself, she wrote that after moving to Cedar City Florence attended college there and Utah State University and graduated in 1956. She taught at schools in Bolivia and Ecuador, in South America.

Florence E. Wesbecker Campbell & Florence E. Campbell Matthews at Temple Square I believe that Grandma Florence E. Campbell Matthews is expecting Drew.
On November 12, 1960 in Cedar City, Iron, Utah Drew Samuel Matthews was born to Darrell Hymas Matthews and Florence E. Campbell Matthews.

Drew on the scales that are still at Grandmas House

Florence Matthews bathing Drew Matthews

Darrell Matthews holding Drew Matthews sleeping
Drew Matthews playing in the suit case

Like many children Drew was playing in the cupboards

Drew Matthews pass port photo for when they went to Bolivia to work.

Iron County Record Cedar City, Utah, February 11, 1965 Florence Matthews second from the left on the back row.

Drew and Florence Matthews in Panama Hilton Bolivia 11-13-1965

Florence E. Campbell Matthews High School Graduation

So when I was putting things in the Blog I did not have this one yet but I really liked it. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Florence Eleanora Campbell Matthews Part 2

These are some cute ones of Darrell and Florence Matthews together. I love that they are holding hands in all of them very nice.

On September 24, 1946 in Logan, Cache, Utah Dee Ann Matthews was born to Darrell and Florence Matthews.
Florence C. Matthews and Dee Ann Matthews

On September 9, 1948 in Price, Carbon, Utah Jeanne Matthews was born to Darrell and Florence Matthews.
Florence Campbell Matthews holding Jeanne Matthews, Florence Wesbecker Campbell, Dee Ann Matthews in front