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Joseph Wesbecker (b.1850) & Mary Mathes (b.1853)

Joseph Wesbecker (b.1850) & Mary Mathes (b.1853)
Joseph Wesbecker was born August 15, 1850 in Baden, Germany to Anselm Wesbecker and Crescentia Unser.  Anselm & Crescentia Wesbecker and their five children immigrated to the United States in 1854. They left Baden and traveled to the port of Le Harve, France, where they embarked aboard the ship “William Nelson”, and arrived at New Orleans, Louisiana on or about December 15, 1854.
 These are some photos of the parents of Mary Mathes and Joseph Wesbecker.  I do not have one of Anselm Wesbecker .

Katherine Ball
Peter Mathes
Crescentia (Cora) Unser
Joseph Wesbecker married Mary Mathes who was born November 10, 1853 to Peter Mathes and Katherine Ball in Louisville, Kentucky. They were married August 10, 1875 in Louisville, Kentucky.
Joseph Wesbecker
Joseph Wesbecker & Mary Mathes Wedding day Aug 10, 1875
              Joseph Wesbecker
Mary Mathes
Anna May Brown and Samuel Brown Children of Anna Mary Wesbecker Brown with their Grandfather Joseph Wesbecker.
                                   Alma Wesbecker age 18 and her mother Mary Wesbecker age 58.

                                                                                 Joseph Wesbecker age 67

Front row L-R: Mary Wesbecker, Mary Morris, Alma Wesbecker, Andrew Wesbecker, Back L-R: Charles Frey and Carver Morris.


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George Robert Campbell

George Robert Campbell
George Robert Campbell was born in White County, Illinois to John Milton Campbell and Avarilla J. Richter April 7, 1876. He was the First born of three children to this marriage.  He was only 4 years old when his mother passed away. His father did remarry Elizabeth A. Moore October 25 1885. I do not have photo’s of his Mother and Father so here are the Head Stones.

A copy of his birth Certificate for George Robert Campbell  that was printed in 1942 that stated that John Milton Campbell Jr. was his brother and that he had actual knowledge of the facts as stated in this record.
George R. Campbell as a baby
United States Census, 1880 for John M. Campbell
John M. Campbell
Emma, White, Illinois
Illinois, United States
Relationship to Head:
Spouse's Name:
Averula J. Campbell
Spouse's Birthplace:
Indiana, United States
Father's Birthplace:
Illinois, United States
Mother's Birthplace:
Illinois, United States
Race or Color (Expanded):
Ethnicity (Standardized):
Marital Status:
Age (Expanded):
38 years



John M. Campbell
38  (1842)
25  (1855)
8    (1872)
4    (1876)
2    (1878)
6M (1879)
23    House Keeper
22   (1858) Sister- in- law

George Robert Campbell in his youth. This photo did not scan very well it was one that was on some sort of tin so it is a cool photo just looks like his face is messed up. He did have wavy hair in all of the photos but that is long.

George Robert Campbell age 25.  I really like this one.
George Robert Campbell younger years
George Robert Campbell was married to Loula M. Huffaker October 24, 1895 in White County, Illinois. They did not stay together.  I do not know much about Loula .  He then married Florence E. Wesbecker December 10, 1923 in San Francisco, California.

Florence Eleanora Wesbecker Campbell

They were blessed with a Boy Wiley M. Campbell Feb 6, 1925 he was born in Pocatello, Idaho
Then about a year later they were blessed with a baby girl Florence E. Campbell February 24, 1926 born in Pocatello, Idaho.
I found this in some things that Grandma Florence E. Campbell Matthews had.  I think he used it for his job on the Union Pacific Rail ways.
George Robert Campbell, Wiley Campbell, and Florence E. Wesbecker Campbell what a nice family.

Florence E. Wesbecker Campbell and George Robert Campbell June 1955

I liked this one with George Robert Campbell working out by his garden April, 1955

George Robert Campbell on the left and Paul Campbell George’s half brother on the Right June 1955

Head Stone of George R. Campbell 1876-1956 he was 80 years old when he passed away.
If you click on the obit you can read it I had put it with the other post of Great Grandma but I wanted all the info to be in the same place.
It has been fun getting to know more about family that has past on and I will be getting more as time goes by.

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Florence Eleanora Wesbecker Campbell Part 2

Newspaper Picture of Mrs. P.L. Bauer (Florence E. Wesbecker) of 1725 West Broadway not says that she was 19 years old in this photo.
With Philip L. Bauer never coming back Florence E. Wesbecker divorced him and then she married George Robert Campbell on December 12, 1923 in San Francisco, California.
Florence E. Wesbecker was 33 and George R. Campbell was 47 when they were married.

They were blessed with a son February 6 1925.  His name was Wiley Milton Campbell he was born in Pocatello, Idaho. This is a cute family photo of George & Florence Campbell with Wiley Milton Campbell

                                                                 Wiley Milton Campbell
About a year later on February 24, 1926 they were blessed with a daughter her name was Florence Eleanora Campbell.
                                                          Florence Eleanora Campbell
Wiley Campbell and Florence Campbell
Florence E. Wesbecker Campbell, Florence E. Campbell, Wiley Campbell on a trip with family.

Irene Frey, Mary Frey, Florence Campbell, Carver Morris, and Maybe Morris (Wesbecker Family)

Wiley Campbell over Florence W. Campbell with Irene W. Frey. This is one of the photos to show the two twins together when they are older.

George R. Campbell and Florence W. Campbell in their older years this photo say June 1955. George R. Campbell died May 17 1956 in Lamar, Missouri at the age of 80.

Following George’s passing Florence W. Campbell moved to Salt Lake City where she lived until she could not live alone anymore. At that point she came to live in Cedar City, Utah. Where she lived with Florence C. Matthews and Darrell H. Matthews at 305 S. 1100 W. Cedar City, Utah.  She lived in the basement of their home.  It was really fun to have her at Grandma Matthews home when we would go visit all of them.

Here is a Four Generations photo with Florence W. Campbell, Jeanne M. Hunt, Tonia Hunt, and Florence C. Matthews at their home around December, 1971.
Here is a photo of the back yard at the Matthews home L-R in the back Jesse Matthews, Eva Matthews, Darrell Matthews, and Florence C. Matthews. Front row L-R Drew Matthews, Jeanne Hunt, Tonia Hunt, and Florence W. Campbell.  This was taken in June 1973.
                                          Florence W. Campbell at home in Cedar City, Utah.

Tonia, Sam, Sally, Ben and Florence W. Campbell at 91 birthday party

Florence W. Campbell and Sally Hunt on the couch.
Florence Eleanora Wesbecker Campbell passed away September 23, 1985 in Cedar City, Utah. She was 94 years old and lived a long and great life.