Saturday, June 23, 2012

Random Photos that I wanted to share of Darrell and Florence Campbell Matthews

Darrell and Florence Campbell Matthews, Jeanne and DeeAnn Matthews. I think that Grandma Matthews really looks like Sally Hunt Fox in this one.
Darrell and Florence Campbell Matthews

I don't know if you can make this one bigger but the arrow points to Darrell and Florence Campbells Matthews.

Florence E. Campbell and Wiley M. Campbell

Florence Wesbecker Campbell and Florence Campbell leaving to go on a train trip.

Florence E. Campbell on the left with a friend

Florence E. Campbell leaving on a trip with Florence E. Wesbecker Campbell and father George R. Campbell
I found their family railroad passes when I was going through stuff that they would use when the road the train.  It was also in a train book that had information on the rules and places to stay.  It was really fun to find treasures like this.  George Robert Campbell work for the Railroad as a Brake Man. 

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