Monday, January 23, 2012

Florence Eleanora Wesbecker Campbell part 1

Florence Eleanora Wesbecker Campbell
Florence Eleanora Wesbecker was born in Louisville, Kentucky to Joseph Wesbecker and Mary Mathes September 26, 1890. She was the eighth child of ten children.  She was also had a twin, her name was Irene Magdalene Wesbecker.
 Joseph and Mary Wesbecker on wedding day  
 Joseph Wesbecker                                
             Mary Mathes Wesbecker
This is Florence Wesbecker’s baptism certificate which says that she was baptized on October 5, 1890 at St. Patrick’s Church in Louisville, Kentucky.

This is the youngest photo of Florence and Irene Wesbecker that I have. I think that she is the one on the right but I am not sure.
The next photo is of Florence and Irene Wesbecker in their school uniforms. Also as I reading her death certificate I found that she only went to school till the 8th Grade.
1900 United States Census for Joseph Wesbecker Family the family is located about the Middle of the page. Florence is listed as 9 years old on this Census.
Florence and Irene Wesbecker age 11 dressed in white for their conformation day.
At the age of 21 Florence Wesbecker married Phillip L. Bauer December 12, 1909, in Clark County, Indiana.  She did not stay married to him for too long he ended up vanishing for the notes that my Grandmother Florence E. Campbell Matthews had in some photo books that I found.
Philip and Florence Bauer are the couple in the front. 
This is the 1910 Census which shows Florence & Philip living with Joseph and Mary Wesbecker .  It also show that Philip was a Hotel Clerk.  The picture above looks like it might be at a Hotel.

At the bottom of this photo is said that Florence Wesbecker Bauer worked in upstate New York State when Philip Vanished.  Florence is the one on the left and I believe she took care of those girls.


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