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Joseph Wesbecker (b.1850) & Mary Mathes (b.1853)

Joseph Wesbecker (b.1850) & Mary Mathes (b.1853)
Joseph Wesbecker was born August 15, 1850 in Baden, Germany to Anselm Wesbecker and Crescentia Unser.  Anselm & Crescentia Wesbecker and their five children immigrated to the United States in 1854. They left Baden and traveled to the port of Le Harve, France, where they embarked aboard the ship “William Nelson”, and arrived at New Orleans, Louisiana on or about December 15, 1854.
 These are some photos of the parents of Mary Mathes and Joseph Wesbecker.  I do not have one of Anselm Wesbecker .

Katherine Ball
Peter Mathes
Crescentia (Cora) Unser
Joseph Wesbecker married Mary Mathes who was born November 10, 1853 to Peter Mathes and Katherine Ball in Louisville, Kentucky. They were married August 10, 1875 in Louisville, Kentucky.
Joseph Wesbecker
Joseph Wesbecker & Mary Mathes Wedding day Aug 10, 1875
              Joseph Wesbecker
Mary Mathes
Anna May Brown and Samuel Brown Children of Anna Mary Wesbecker Brown with their Grandfather Joseph Wesbecker.
                                   Alma Wesbecker age 18 and her mother Mary Wesbecker age 58.

                                                                                 Joseph Wesbecker age 67

Front row L-R: Mary Wesbecker, Mary Morris, Alma Wesbecker, Andrew Wesbecker, Back L-R: Charles Frey and Carver Morris.


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