Friday, February 8, 2013

Darrell Hymas Matthews B.1923 Air force

Darrell H. Matthews was inducted into the Army to serve his country as a soldier June 21, 1943.  He then had two weeks' vacation and reported for the service at Fort Douglas, Salt Lake City on July 6, 1943.

About Oct 17, 1943 Darrell was assigned to Sheppard Field for further tests as Air Cadet. I had a new paper clipping from this time.
Here are some letters that Darrell sent home to his parents.

If you notice by the date it says somewhere in Italy.


Darrell Matthews is the one on the back row on the left hand side.

Darrell Matthews is the one on the front row on the left side. 

 Darrell Matthews at home in Idaho
Stella and Darrell Matthews at home in Idaho
Darrell and Wayne Matthews
Wayne, Darrell, and Morris Matthews at home in Idaho.