Friday, February 8, 2013

Darrell Hymas Matthews B.1923

Darrell Hymas Matthews was born 11:50 a.m. on October 8th  1923.  He was the son of Jesse Richard Matthews and Eva Hymas Matthews.

His Grandfather Joseph M. Hymas was so pleased with his first grandchild that he rode two miles on his pony “Bill” to in a pouring rain to see his 9 ¾ lb grandson. His Grandpa Matthew was very proud of the occasion also as this was his first grandson, to bear the Matthews name.  He also soon appeared on the scene with a sack of candy.  However the mother was permitted to have the candy.
          He was born at the Jesse Matthews house at Liberty Idaho. He was a sweet little baby with round plump features.  Here on the farm he rec’d his childhood training and was very fond of his father's profession raising sheep.

Darrell Matthews and his dog.

I have this photo labeled Darrell Matthews and Ide.  I am not sure who she is? 

This is a photo of Darrell and his Sister Stella when they were just young. He was such a handsome boy with his cute sisters.

Darrell Matthews on the back row on the Right side.  He is with his brothers and sisters and some cousins.

Darrell, Stella, Lois, Morris, Nola, and Wayne on Stella's lap.  I believe I got it right.

Darrell Matthews High School years.


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