Thursday, February 14, 2013

Darrell Matthews Family

Dee Ann Matthews, Jeanne Matthews Hunt, Dale Hunt, Allen, Augusta, Ray Hunt, Florence, Darrell and Drew Matthews. July 17,1970

Darrell Matthews and Drew Matthews 1971. Grandpa loved going to Cedar Mountain and also would work up there.  I remember times going to ride horses and having picnics.

The front of Darrell Matthews house in 1970.

The side of the house before anything was planted.  The cars are fun to see too.

Darrell Matthews Holding Sam Hunt, and Tonia Hunt with the sheep.  He taught us about sheep and to love sheep.  One year I even had a pet sheep out at the farm in Hamilton's Fort where Grandpa kept sheep and had a garden.

Florence Campbell Matthews and Darrell Matthews dressed up for Dee Ann Matthews O'Brien Wedding 1974.

Charles O'Brien mother, Charles O'Brien, Dee Ann Matthews O'Brien, Florence & Darrell Matthews.

Drew Matthews, Eva Matthews, Dee Ann O'Brien , Jesse Matthews February, 1978.

Here is one of the few family Photo's that we had taken. I would say the year was either 1978 or 1979.
Back row: Dee Ann O'Brien, Chuck O'Brien, Dew Matthews, Dale and Jeanne Hunt
Sally & Tonia Hunt, Florence & Darrell Matthews, Sam & Ben Hunt

I was not able to find a photo of Drew wedding line yet so I decided to add this announcement.

From 1986 to 1988 Darrell served in Ecuador, South America on USAID animal Husbandry project.  This was like the one that they did in Bolivia.  They had a great time down there and meet some wonderful friends.

This is Darrell Matthews with one of their many friends Pablito Guaminga, and Pablo Guaminga.

Sam & Tonia Hunt and Florence and Darrell Matthews on a trip in Ecuador in 1988.

This is one of my favorite photos of Florence and Darrell Matthews.  Grandpa was always teasing Grandma by wanting a kiss from her.
This photo is from 1962 and it does not fit in the time line but it really made me laugh.  I found it when I was scanning photo's this past week end.  He was always trying to have her kiss him and this one made her laugh.
Darrell Matthews and Florence fourth from the right together with most of Darrell's brother and sisters and spouses. He grew up in such a wonderful family.
Grandpa and his remaining brother and sisters.

 This is the Photo that we took at the 50th Wedding party.  It turned out really nice.

Back row: Drew Matthews, Chuck O'Brien, Sam Hunt, Ben Hunt, Dale Hunt, Jon Ashdown, Sally Hunt, Abe Hunt
Middle row: Rusty & Bradie Matthews,  KC O'Brien, Andrea O'Brien, Lea Hunt
Front Row: Holden, Sandra and Hayden Matthews, Dee Ann O'Brien, Florence and Darrell Matthews, Jeanne Hunt, Tonia Hunt Ashdown, Kya Ashdown

This was in 2003.

This is the last photo that I could find of Grandpa Matthews  before he passed away. We sure do miss him and Grandma Matthews everyday but they are better off without their bodies that were tired. This was in November 2006.

Our Grandparents have left such a wonderful legacy and will go on forever.

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